About our Researchers

Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru

Dr. Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru is an Associate Professor of American Studies and postcolonialism at the University of Bucharest. She holds a PhD in philosophy (the aesthetics of postmodernism) from the University of Bucharest (2000) and a PhD in English (contemporary Indian fiction in English) from the University of East Anglia (2007).

Her research interests are: contemporary Indian fiction in English, global writing in English and narrative knowledge in the global age, minority cultures in the media, gender studies, postcolonialism and postcommunism. She is also a translator of Catalan fiction (particularly by Lluís-Anton Baulenas) into Romanian.


Auhored books:

– Ecological Reparations of Private Space in Contemporary Women’s Global Writing în English (book project; forthcoming 2024).

– Performance and Performativity in Contemporary Indian Fiction in English. Leiden and Boston: Brill Rodopi, 2015.

– Identity Performance in Contemporary Non-WASP American Fiction. Bucharest: The University of Bucharest Press, 2008.

– Condiția postmodernă: spre o estetică a identităților culturale (The Postmodern Condition: Towards an Aesthetic of Cultural Identities). Bucharest: The University of Bucharest Press, 2003.


Edited books:

– Religious Narratives in Contemporary Culture: Between Cultural Memory and Transmediality. Co-edited with Dragoș Manea. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2021.

– Traduccions i diàlegs culturals amb el català. Co-edited with Mioara Adelina Angheluță, Oana-Dana Balaș, Joan Llinàs Suau and Xavier Montoliu Pauli. Bucharest: The University of Bucharest Press, 2018.

– Between History and Personal Narrative: East-European Women’s Stories of Transnational Relocation. Co-edited with Mădălina Nicolaescu and Helen Smith. Vienna and Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2014.

– Shakespeare, Translation and the European Dimension. Co-edited with Mădălina Nicolaescu and Oana-Alis Zaharia. 250 pp. Bucharest: Pro Universitaria, 2012.

– Postcolonialism/Postcommunism: Dictionary of Key Cultural Terms. Co-authored with Monica Bottez, Bogdan Ștefănescu, Ruxandra Rădulescu, Ruxandra Vișan and Alina Bottez. Bucharest: The University of Bucharest Press, 2011. 394pp. ISBN: 978-606-16-0063-2.

– Postcolonialism/Postcommunism: Intersections and Overlaps. Co-edited with Monica Bottez and Bogdan Ștefănescu. Bucharest: The University of Bucharest Press, 2011.

– Cultura românească în perspectivă transatlantică. Interviuri (Romanian Culture in Transatlantic Perspective. Interviews). Co-edited with Teodora Șerban-Oprescu. Bucharest: University of Bucharest Press, 2009.

– Women’s Voices in Post-Communist Eastern Europe. Co-edited with Mădălina Nicolaescu and Helen Smith.Volume I: Rewriting Histories. Bucharest: University of Bucharest Press, 2005. Volume II: Bodies and Representations. Bucharest: University of Bucharest Press, 2006.


Peer-reviewed articles in international journals:

‘A Sea of Violence and Love: Precarity, Eco-Fiction and the American Factor in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide’, Angles: French Perspectives on the Anglophone World, special issue: Reinventing the Sea (published online 27/01/2020),

‘Care Drain and Substitute Mothering in the documentary Waiting for August by Teodora Ana Mihai’, Journal of European Studies 48(3–4) 1–15, 2018. jes.sagepub.com.
DOI: 10.1177/0047244118796090.

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DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.5565/rev/indialogs.78.

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Book chapters:

‘From Travelling Memoir to Nomadic Narrative in Kapka Kassabova’s Street Without a Name and Twelve Minutes of Love: A Tango Story’. In Jasmina Lukic and Sibelan Forrester, with Borbala Farago (eds.), Times of Mobility: Transnational Literature and Gender in Translation (volume 1 in series Transnational Perspectives in Gender Studies, coordinated by Jasmina Lukic). Budapest: CEU Press, 2019, pp. 202-218.

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Book reviews:

“Maritime Criticism for Today’s World: A Review of Juan-José Martín’González, Transoceanic Perspectives in Amitav Ghosh´s Ibis Trilogy”, Indialogs Vol. 9, 2022, pp 153-159, ISSN: 2339-8523 https://doi.org/10.5565/rev/indialogs.220.

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Literary translations:

Fericirea (La felicitat) by Lluís-Anton Baulenas, translation from Catalan into Romanian, Bucharest: Meteor Press, 2014.

Firul de argint (El fil de plata) by Lluis-Anton Baulenas, translation from Catalan into Romanian, Bucharest: Meronia, 2009.

Manuscrisul celei de a doua origini (Mecanoscrit del segon origen) by Manuel de Pedrolo, translation from Catalan into Romanian with Xavier Montoliu-Pauli, Bucharest: Meronia, 2000.

Pământul apelor (Waterland) by Graham Swift, translation from English with Cristina Poenaru, Bucharest: Univers 1997. ISBN: 973-34-0453-5. Republished Iași: Polirom, 2009.