Aquatic Cartographies: Oceanic Imaginaries, Histories and Identities

Universitat de Lleida
21-22 July 2022

The Conference

Aquatic Cartographies: Oceanic Imaginaries, Histories and Identities seeks to unravel a an understanding of transnational and oceanic forms of analysis by highlighting what Isabel Hofmeyr (2022) has conceptualized as “hydrocolonialism”, that is to say, colonization by way of water.

We envisage oceans as the means to unite people and what we aim to explore in this conference is transoceanic connectivity and to disclose the shared (post)colonial history that maps an aquatic cartography. 

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Imraan Coovadia

Prof. Kumari Issur

Prof. Tina Steiner

Conference Details


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